Vibrational Spectroscopy

Laser-based infrared microscopy for high throughput vibrational spectroscopy of cells and tissues​​​​
Vibrational spectroscopy of lipid dysregulation in cancer
Development of a novel setup for fast and broad-vibrational spectrum microscopy based on Stimulated Raman Scattering

µ-3D printing

MicroOptics is the trend in the miniaturization and integration of bulk optical elements. The main effort has been in the fabrication of refractive reflective and diffractive structures. Instead, we want to explore micro-optics that affect the polarization of light and integrate them on different devices, in particular, optical fibers.
​​A two-photon fabrication process based on a photocurable azopolymeric compound that we successfully employed to manufacture suspended micro-membranes ​
Fabrication of free form polymeric lenses for micro-endoscopes
Fabrication of novel optical structures on the tip of optical fibers  ​