Micro-optics for in-vivo endoscopic imaging

Categories: µ-3D printing


​We use Laser Direct Writing based on Two-Photon Lithography (TPL) to fabricate free form polymeric lenses to be integrated in micro-endoscopes in order to correct optical aberrations and maximize their performances over a very large field-of-view.​

Extended field-of-view ultrathin microendoscopes for high-resolution two-photon imaging with minimal invasiveness

Andrea Antonini, Andrea Sattin, Monica Moroni, Serena Bovetti, Claudio Moretti, Francesca Succol, Angelo Forli, Dania Vecchia, Vijayakumar P Rajamanickam, Andrea Bertoncini, Stefano Panzeri, Carlo Liberale, Tommaso Fellin

DOI: 10.7554/eLife.58882