Welcome to the Vibrational Imaging Laboratory (VIBRA Lab).

We are interested in :

  • Developing and applying label-free chemical imaging techniques based on vibrational spectroscopy (Infrared and Raman micro-spectroscopy) and multi-photon processes (Coherent Raman Microscopy, SHG). One of the main aims of this research activity is to unveil specific bio-chemical signatures of cancer stem cells, with a particular focus on understanding the dysregulation of their lipid metabolism. 
  • Using high-resolution 3D printing based on Direct Laser Writing for the fabrication of novel micro-optics, towards the miniaturization of complex optical systems. This research activity takes advantage from an integrated approach that combines design, micro/nanofabrication and optical characterization. 



20 October, 2023

Article published in Science of the Total Environment

Atmospheric microfibrous deposition over the Eastern Red Sea coast

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06 October, 2023

Article published in Communications Engineering

Ultrabroadband terahertz-band communications with self-healing bessel beams

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08 June, 2023

Article published in Science of the Total Environment

When microplastics are not plastic: Chemical characterization of environmental microfibers using stimulated Raman microspectroscopy

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